Frequently Asked Questions

This page collects frequently asked questions related to the LDR-50 project, reactor technology, safety, nuclear waste and other related topics. The answers are kept as compact as possible without compromising the content.

General topics

Who is developing the reactor, and at what is the current stage of development?

Is there enough expertise in Finland to develop a nuclear reactor?

For which need is reactor being developed, and when will the first plant become operational?

How much heat does the plant produce?

Has nuclear energy ever been used for district heating?

Is nuclear-based district heating zero carbon energy?

What are the advantages of nuclear district heating compared to other heating forms?

What are the challenges of nuclear district heating compared to other heating forms?

Where will the first nuclear district heating plant be built?

What is the price tag for heat produced using nuclear energy?

What does the future of nuclear energy look like in general?


What is nuclear energy production based on?

What kind of material is uranium used as the reactor fuel?

What kind of reactor technology is LDR based on?

How is the power of the reactor controlled?

How does a nuclear district heating plant work, and how does it differ from a conventional nuclear power plant?

Why not not use the reactor for electricity production as well?

Why not use molten salt or other advanced reactor type for district heat production?

How large is the heating plant?

Will the reactors be built in an urban area?

Could the plant also be constructed underground?

Is the technology designed for export?


Are the radiation levels near the plant increased or water in the district heating network turned radioactive?

Does the plant produce radioactive emissions to the environment?

What kind of risks are associated with the use of nuclear energy?

What is included in nuclear safety?

What is meant by passive safety?

How is safety implemented in LDR-50?

Could a Chernobyl-like accident happen in LDR-50?

Could a Fukushima-like accident happen in LDR-50?

Is safety compromised if a nuclear district heating plant is constructed close to population?

Is the reactor designed to withstand aircraft impact, earthquake or military attack?

Fuel cycle and nuclear waste

Where is the reactor fuel manufactured?

How much radioactive waste does the reactor produce?

How is the nuclear waste management resolved?

Is final disposal of nuclear waste safe?

Why not design a reactor that is running on thorium or recycled nuclear waste?

Are there any proliferation risks associated with LDR technology?

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